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Truss for Days!

We have always had a decent stock of trussing in all shapes and sizes. But with the work load of 2022/23 we decided to double it. With over 200+ sections of trussing from; 290mm box, 400mm box 5-cord, Cubes in both 290mm/400mm, Tri-Truss, Flat trussing, Truss ladders and F-Piping. We have a decent stock of both silver and black trussing/Pipes. Our 5-cord truss converts to pre-rig and can be utilised in many different applications. We have a wide range of hinges, spacers and swivel scaff clamps to customise any layout. We are looking to triple current stock!

For information about what we can do in Rigging Land give us a call 1300 368 826.


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