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TLD: Your Reliable Partner for LED Screens

Updated: Apr 24

The good news is, for over ten years, TLD has been incorporating LED screens into projects for their clients. Initially, using larger pitch (8-12mm) LED screens was ground-breaking for events, offering clients impressive visuals without relying on projectors. While projectors have their uses, TLD has continued to provide large blend screens, building projection and smaller setups with their Christie projector fleet, however, the focus here is on LED screens!

LED Screen Inspection
LED Screen Channel 7

As demand shifted towards smaller screens & smaller and shorter rooms to put the screens in, especially in settings where the audience or camera is close by, TLD adapted by using 4.8mm black-LED screens. They emphasize the importance of using high-quality components like gold wire LED diode and faster processing cards (and don’t worry, we won’t get to ‘technical jargon’ on you) ensuring optimal performance, especially when cameras are involved.


The 4.8mm black-LED screen has become TLD’s go-to for larger screens exceeding 20 meters but versatile enough to service smaller ones as small as 3.5 meters wide, it is a great balance between resolution & processing demand, ensuring clients don’t have to spend a small fortune on content creation or additional processing, considering on larger screens over 10 meters, audiences are already a good distance away from the screen. However, not all projects fall into this forementioned catergory, for projects requiring high definition and close-up shots, TLD has recently invested in a 1.8mm pitch LED screen (again with black LED’s) & with advanced processing capabilities. This has allowed TLD to stay ahead of the curve for their clients requirements. The product can be used in a plethora of environments whilst keeping clients budget front of mind.

LED Screen used for Studio Shoot
Studio Shoot

Speaking with the General Manager of TLD, he has explained that ‘TLD continues its commitment in the LED screen space, with planned investment into a 3.9mm product to service both indoor and outdoor events or movie shoots, it is truly cutting edge product that TLD knows will keep clients smiling’ this will ensure clients will always Partner for LED Screens.


When it comes to choosing LED screens, TLD prioritizes functionality over ‘big brand’ names (though their product includes the same quality components as these big brand names), ensuring that each purchase aligns with their specific project requirements. They attribute their success not only to quality equipment but also to their skilled and dedicated crew, led by Adam V in design and Adam S in technical implementation.

LED Screens used for Conference Event
Conference LED Screen


TLD is dedicated to delivering outstanding results with a fun and professional attitude, emphasizing their commitment to every project from start to finish.


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