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Welcome Nigel to the team!

Updated: Apr 26

TLD EVENT CREATION Welcomes Nigel to our team!

Nigel says: “If everyone looks after their equipment, then it’s smooth sailing for all.”


Introduction: We’ve known Nigel within the Production & Event Staging industry for over 28 years. Nigel is a talented, organised and focused individual when it comes to caring for AV & Lighting equipment, he meticulously keeps operations in order. Some of us have worked with Nigel previously and can testify to his unlimited abilities, determined work ethic, can do attitude and his team spirit.


What He Does Here:

We are delighted to advise you that Nigel has taken on the position of Warehouse Logistics Supervisor.

What Does That Mean:

Nigel inspects all equipment before leaving the warehouse and when it is returned. Nigel repairs, builds, cleans & houses all our gear. There’s More…. Nigel also assists us with bumping-in & bumping-out events, picks up & delivers equipment to clients… a great all-rounder…we are lucky to have you Nigel.

What’s He Been Doing?

You may well ask…. Nigel has such a wide range of skills from Agri-business to Event Production including; Prepping tours for bands, theatre shows and corporate expos; rigging and maintenance/repair/design/setup and operation of AV and intelligent lighting equipment.


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