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TLD's new home!

In in 2021 we moved into a 400sqm premises in Arundel on the Gold Coast. Within 6 months we had outgrown the building. When unit 4 next door came up on our radar for lease, we took it straight away. Giving us 836sqm's of space between the 2 buildings. We are currently working through both building to make it all work. Building 4 is; Rigging, Lighting and LED. Building 5 is; Audio, Vision and Cable-land. Give it another 6-12 months and we might need another one!

We built rooms and whacked some fresh paint on the walls/floors and customised the rooms in building 5. One office for Operations and another for our Pre-Vis suite to design the events in 3D.

Currently in building 4 we have a full servicing department and board room.

Exciting things to come in 2023. We look forwards to moving into bigger and more exciting promises eventually.


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