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TLD Invest in new 1.8mm LED

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

With the recent purchase of 50sqm's of Unilumens 1.8mm LED Screen. We will be able to support you in the hi-res smaller screen environment or simply you need the pixels space in a larger format. With the 1.8mm and 4.8mm we can create any size, shape and custom project. With this screen, we have purchased the latest processing for high refresh rate and high speed shots.

Product Specifications:

  1. P1.8mm 500mm x 500mm panel (264x264 pixels)

  2. Curable application - Concave up to 7.5degs and Convex up to 7.5degs

  3. Cube corner designing

  4. 16bit gray scale, 3840Hz refresh rate

  5. Light weight cabinets 6.8kg

  6. Front and Rear maintenance

  7. Corner protection

  8. ABS Technology for data management


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