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TLD Host Open Day

On the 5th and 6th of February 2022, TLD put on a day to remember! TLD Event Creation opened up their doors to showcase what they do and how well they do it.

Over a spectacular 2 days, TLD’s team hosted their open day. With nibbles, drinks plus a show that wowed the pants off even the longest-standing techs in the industry, “I felt like I should have paid for that show” said one client, really putting into perspective the lengths they went.

Head of Operations, Adam Siggers said “we wanted to show clients and colleagues that not only do

we do cool gigs, but we also have more on offer than just some flashy lights”. And show they did, with a 4mm LED wall, hung vertically and horizontally, projection and lighting mapping, complex lighting programming, and a PA system that most would dream about, they put on an impressive showcase.

TLD has recently taken on board a huge inventory, with Nexo Audio, Christie Projection not to mention a huge range of auxiliary equipment in-between, this allows them to be geared up for just

about any show, add in the 3D suite, clients no longer need to imagine their events, they can see them take shape in front of their eyes, and their creative events are taken to the next level.

“We do everything, and we do it well! We have the experience for any size event, I have done years in Broadway Theatre, massive touring events, and with others in the team managing 5-star hotels, and having worked for industry giants, our experience is second to none.” Creative Director Adam Volz said.


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