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TLD boost their Acme inventory

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

TLD Services expand their rental inventory, adding 32 new Acme lighting fixtures into their already extensive Acme lighting rental stocks.

Adam Volz, Creative Designer and owner of TLD Event Creation

, first invested into the Acme lighting technology early 2016. “I have been successfully using Acme movers & wash lights for over 3 years at the majority of my productions. I have only ever had great experiences using them. The fixtures are bright, the colours are fantastic and are a great reliable work horse. I am super impressed with the quality of the products in the Acme Pro range”

comments Adam. “Also having the pleasure of visiting the Acme factory in China, I was blown away with the attention to detail and scale of the product range being shipped out to all the different markets all over the world”, he adds.

With this purchase, Adam has chosen 16 of the DotLine 360 touring bars with a linear motorized zoom ranging from 3.5? to 38?. Featuring 12 RGBW high-power LEDs, which can be individually controlled to produce outstanding colour mixing effects.

Also new to his inventory are 16 powerful 280-Beam fixtures as well as 16 of the compact yet powerful 350Z-WashBeam fixtures.

“Straight after delivery, the fixtures were sent out on a roadshow in Brisbane and end client loved the versatility/features and how quiet they were”, says Adam.

“Standard LED strips would have to be individually moved to be precise, but having the tilt feature and a great amount of zoom made this fixture stand out from the crowd”.

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