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Incredible Custom Design

A word from our Creative Director, Adam Volz

"While here at TLD we invest heavily in the latest tech to ensure your event is at the forefront. We also do not forget about our grass root’s of creative design from our conception in 2006! Our director Adam Volz is a Lighting Designer by heart and it shows with his passion for making the best result with technical magic. 

I have had the pleasure of producing some amazing events/productions world wide. Here at TLD is no exception. With the attention to detail, a little sprinkle of creativity and great support team behind you, we can create amazing things. We like most businesses have been thrown in many directions over the years and while we have spent a lot of time building something everyone can call their work home. Now is time to get back to designing awesome projects with a fun but professional attitude"

"We will create your vision."
"Creating memorable projects through technology"
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3D Design

Imagine seeing your vision without even leaving your computer! Our team are skilled in creating renders so that you can see what your event will look like without the cost of any equipment leaving the warehouse.  If you’re wondering what your venue will look like with your vision, rendering allows you to see into the future.  Conferences, ballrooms, award nights, weddings, trade shows. TLD can ensure you get what you want without any guesswork.

Project Concept Creation

Allow our Creative Design Team to customise a full show look, working closely with your existing team or we can simply create the vision from scratch.

Event/Technical Management

Allow our Team to customise to run the project/event from the design aspect to the last truck door closing. We can create creative briefs, technical plans, venue plans, manage talent and show call the entire event. Making it look and feel the way you wanted it to.


Custom Programming

No matter the size of the Event, our experienced Design Team and Operators can create lighting, Special Effects, Audio Support and Visual Displays that will give you the "Wow Factor" or keep it in the theme request.


Technical Operation

Allow our Technical Directors to create incredible setups. With Senior operators in all facets of your project/event, you will be reassured that we will supply a top-notch service. We also specify the correct equipment and staffing for your event and allow you to breathe easy, knowing that only the best have been assigned to your event. Audio visual hire, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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Technical Updates Coming Soon!

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