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Our Equipment

Newly Added Equipment:

Kinesys Lighting Controllers Picture
Picture of lighting  Motors
Acme Lyra Lighting Spots
Blackmagic URSA G2 Cameras
Antari IP1500w Smoke machines
EL 5W RGB Lasers
EL 1W RGB Lasers
2x1m Clear Perspex Staging Decks
Ant FX CRMX Wireless DMX Systems
Antari S500 High Output Silent Snow Machines
Novastar MX40 LED Processing
Novastar VX1000 LED Processing
Yamaha DM3S Digital Mixing Console
Unlilumens UGNII 1.8mm Black Faced LED Screen
LSC APS Power Distrubution - Socapex outs
Added 60+sqm of 4.8mm black faced IP65 LED Screen
CM Loadstar D8+ Motors

Kinesys Digital Motor Controllers
Roland V-160 Switcher
Blackmagic HDMI 2.0 Fibre Extenders
Blackmagic 12g SDI Fibre Extenders
Acme IP66 Lyra 1000w LED Spot (w Framing)
Prolight ELC 1k LED Fresnel - Muli-colour temperature
Prolight ELC 2k LED Fresnel - Muli-colour temperature


Yamaha DM3S Digital Mixer

DiGiCo SD9/SD11

DiGiCo D2 Rack

Soundcraft SI 1

Soundcraft SI Compact 24

Soundcarft SI Compact 16

Soundcraft Expression

Nexo PS8

Nexo PS10

Nexo LS400

Nexo LS600

Nexo NX Amplifier

Camco Vortex Amplifier


TurboSound Aspect System

Shure Axient Wireless Mic System

Shure ULX-D Wireless Mic System

Shure UR Wireless Mic System

Shure Mic Kits

Beyerdynamic Mic Kits

RCF TT Series

AT Series Foldback Monitors

FBT Powered Subwoofer

JBL PRX 612 Powered Speakers

Mackie Onyx 12 Channel Mixer

XTA Graphic 

DBX Compressor

Countryman Mic Kits

Headset Mic Kits

Zoom Recorders

Soundcraft Mini Stage Box

Analogue Multicores

Flyware for all Speakers

DI Boxes

Lectern Mics & bases


Robe Spiider Moving LED Wash

Robe Spikie moving Beam/Wash

Martin Mac 700 Moving Spot

Varilight VLX Wash

Acme Lyra Spot IP66 Moving Light

Acme 280 Moving Beam/Spot

Acme 20r Moving Spot

Acme 350z Moving LED Wash

Acme 400Z IP65 Moving LED Wash

I-Rock Mirror Scanner

Truss Warmers

Acme Colourbar 16

Acme Dotline LED Moving Strip

Acme BL200 LED IP Duet (Blinder)

Acme BL100 IP LED Fresnel

Acme Sandane IP65 LED Par

Prolight EcL 1k LED Fresnel

Prolight EcL 2k LED Fresnel

Arri 1k Pup Fresnel

Acme Elipsodial RGBALW Profile

Selecon Pacific Profile/Fresnel

Selecon Acclaim Profile/Fresnel

Jands HP12


LSC DMX Splitter

DTS Followspot
Chauvet Slim Par

Apollo RGBW IP65 Battery LED Par

LED QI 20-30w

LSC Atom

LSC Minum


Jands Quad Pack

Mono Pak Dimmers

Jands Stage 12

Chamsys PC Wing System

Chamsys MQ80

Chamsys MQ500

Chamsys Artnet Node

Acme Artnet Node

Acme DMX Manager

Lumens Wireless + Ant FX TX/RX

Special Effects:

Antari F7 Stadium Hazers

Antari Z350 Hazers

Antari B200 Bubble Machines

Antari Cinema Co2 Hazers

Antari B200 Silent Snow Machine

Antari S500 Silent Snow Machines + Pan Heads

Antari IP1500w Smoke Machines

DJ Power SW3000 Aqua Fog Machines

DJ Power V1 Vertical up Cold Spark

DJ Power V2 Vertical down Cold Spark

DJ Power DSK3000 Smoke Machines

EL 5W RGB Lasers - DMX Controlled

EL 1W RGB Lasers - DMX Controlled

Power Distribution:

LSC PowerPoint 40amp Distro

LSC APS 40amp Digital Distro

LSC Redback 20amp Distro

Jands PDS 32amp Distro

Event Power 400amp Power Lock

Various lengths of 3 Phase and Power Lock extension cables


2x1m Staging Decks

2x1m Clear Perspex Staging Decks

2.4x1.2 Sico Rolling Stage

Stage Legs Various Sizes

Stage Steps / Treads

Black Pleated Velvet Drapes

Black Wool Drapes

Burgundy Pleated Velvet Drapes

Operators Surrounds

Telescopic Uprights

Telescopic Crossbars

Black Carpet Tiles (flooring or Stage)

Stage Sucker System - Roller/Puller



CM 500kg D8+ Chain Motor

Liftket 1000kg D8+ Stepped Motor

Kinesys Digital Motor Controllers

500kg/1t/2t Chain Block

1m - 3m 1t Spansets

2m 2t Gak Slings

2.7m 2t Gak Slings

1t - 3.2t Shackles


Piping in Black or Silver

F Pipe 0.1m (spacer)

F Pipe 0.5m

F Pipe 1m

F Pipe 1.5m

F Pipe 2m

F Pipe 2.5m

F Pipe 3m

Alloy Pipe 3m

Balast Weights

5-10kg Sand Bags

30kg Weights (Encased)

100kg Concrete Blocks (Encased)

250kg Concrete Weights (Encased)

1000kg Concrete Blocks (Raw)

2500kg Pallet Jack

Box Truss in Black and Silver

290 Box Truss 0.25m

290 Box Truss 0.5m

290 Box Truss 1m

290 Box Truss 1.5m

290 Box Truss 2m

290 Box Truss 2.5

290 Box Truss 3m

290 Box Truss 6 Way Cube

400 5 Chord Truss 0.5m

400 5 Chord Truss 1m

400 5 Chord Truss 2m

400 5 Chord Truss 3m

400 5 Chord Truss 6 Way Cube

Girder Clamps

BBQ Plates

500mm Square Base Plate

600mm Round Base Plates

800mm Square Base Plates

1200mm Touring Base Plate -Wheels

Ground Supports

F44/45 Sleeve Blocks

F44/45 Catheads

F44/45 Support Base (with legs)

Tri Truss in Silver

CLS Tri Truss 0.75m

CLS Tri Truss 1m

CLS Tri Truss 1.5m

CLS Tri Truss 2.25m

CLS Tri Truss 3m

CLS Tri Truss T Corner

CLS Tri Truss 90deg Corner

CLS Tri Truss Litton Ring

CLS Tri Truss Hinge

CLS Winch Ups 11', 14' & 18'

CLS Pushups with T-pipe


Rigging Bits

Titan AV 220kg 5.4m Tower Lifter

F34/44 Single Hinges

F34/44 80mm Spacers

100-500kg Swivel Clamps

Truss Pickups (700-1000kg)

Cable Traps (2W/4W)

Ratchet Straps (500kg - 2.5t)

Half Coupler to Eylet

Half Coupler to Spigot


Christie 10k-M Roadster 3 Chip DLP

Christie 20k -J Boxter 3 Chip DLP

Christie ILS Lens - 0.67 - 6.9:1

Panasonic 5700 LCD Projector

Christie Spider Blend Machine

Barco PDS-902 3G

Baro TLD HB Lens

Roland VR1

Roland V-160

Roland V800

NEC LCD Projectors

RGB Link X1

TV-One Scaler

TV-One Switcher

ATMOS Samurai

ATMOS Flame 4k HDR Recorder

Blackmagic 2M-E Constellation HD 

Blackmagic 4k Studio Cameras

Blackmagic URSA G2 Cameras

Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro/Extreem's

Bird Dog P200 PTZ + Controller

Barco SLM R12+ 3 Chip DLP

DVI Fibre Reels

Tactical Fibre

Decimator MD-HX & LX

12G SDI Cable

3G SDI Cable

LCD Screens 32, 40, 55 & 75 Inch

Big City Stands

Arkaos Media Master

Renewed Vision PVP

Renewed Vision Pro Presenter

Stumpfl 8x6 10x7 12x9 16x12 20x15

Stumpfl 10x6 12x6 16x9 20x11

Stumpfl 40x12 Blend Screen

80 x 15 Screen Technics Borderless

54m x 6m Blend Screen

Holographic Scrims (Multiple Sizes)

Unilumens UGNII1.8mm LED Screen

DiColour P4.8 IP65 Black Faced LED

DiColour P5.8 U-Bright LED Screen

DiColour P6.8 U-Bright LED Screen

VuePix P5.9 LED Screen

Novastar MX40 LED Processing

Novastar VX1000 LED Processing

Novastar 660 Pro LED Processing

Motorised Projection Screens (various)

Preview Monitors

PVP Playback - M1 MacBook Pro's

ProPresenterIII - MacBooks

Arkaos MediaMaster; PC and Mac

Resolume Machines

Dell I5 Laptops; TB Timer/PP

Dell I7 Laptops; PP/Streming

Szikla Presenters Remote System

Draytech Professional 4G/5G Router

Commrex Hybrid System

Clearcomm Coms System

BMD HDMI 2.0 Fibre Extenders

BMD 12G SDI Fibr Extenders

Robe/Martin/Acme Lighting

Spiders, Spikies, DL's, BMFL's and more


Nexo Audio

Hear clearly with a range of Nexo products that will suit any scale of Event. Discrete systems to line arrays, we got you covered.


Special Effects

Low fog, cold sparks, smoke jets, atmospheric effects, bubbles and snow, that's just a small list of the special effects in stock.


LED Screen

Indoor and Outdoor, Festival or TV studio, we have a range that can suit any format or style

FLC LED Screen

Christie/Barco Digital

Projecting on screens, or maybe buildings, abstract pieces, or blend screens, we own a significant inventory of Christie products

Chrisite Projector Hire

Media Servers

Arkaos, PVP, Resolume and D3

Media Server Hire

Truss & Rigging

Black and Silver, yep we have both in: CLS Tri, 290 Box, 400 5 Chord, Pipes, Hinges, Swivel Scaffs, Straps, Spansets, Slings, Shackles, Spacers, Pickups, Chain Blocks, Chain Motors, Base Plates, Touring Plates, Custom Dollys and Pods, we have one of the largest ranges of rigging components.

Truss Rigging Hire

Weather Proofing

Got an outdoor event, and not sure how all the tech will stay dry? We have a range of solutions, from IP rated outdoor equipment to coverings and enclosures.

Outdoor weatherproof ip65 hire
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